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Society Board Makeup

----o Conducts society meetings
----o Prepares meeting agendas
----o Acts as liaison and contact person for the society

Vice President
----o Not necessarily required to become president
----o Aware of all issues and able to fill in as president if necessary

----o Correspondence
----o Maintain records and paperwork
----o Maintain a current membership list with contact information
----o Advise board members of board meetings and all members of AGM and general meetings
----o Position may be split between Recording Secretary & Corresponding Secretary

Treasurer (Financial Manager)
----o See Financial Manager job description

Assets Manager
----o Managing of Physical Assets
----o Purchasing of assets
----o Storage of assets
----o Sale of assets
----o Maintain a current asset inventory with evaluation

Fund Raisers
----o Research and apply for various grants
----o Develop and maintain a patronage system
--------Individual patrons
--------Corporate patrons

Personnel Director
----o Involved in the recruitment of Production Manager & Directors
----o Ensure all positions have received, read and agreed to the job descriptions, and signed the position
----o Maintain a database of position contact names for future productions
----o Assist in filling hard to find positions
----o Act as a mediator, or ombudsman for the Society as well as  the Production Team should the
------Production Managers request assistance
----o Accept criminal records check, should they be required
----o Act as the Society's and the Production Team's liaison between official bodies on any sensitive issue
------where privacy and discretion are required

Directors at Large
----o May be required to accept extra tasks as required.

Society Board Responsibilities

The mandate of the Society's Board of Directors is to ensure the overall success of each theatre production, and to maintain the viability of the 100 Mile Performing Arts Society

Recruitment of Production Manager for each production

Ratification of Drama, Music and Dance Directors as chosen by the Production Manager

----o Grants
----o Patrons

Responsible for the overall financial and legal management of the society and productions

Reports to Government as required

Maintain Liability & Property Insurance

Arrange and sponsor workshops to improve the quality of productions

Purchase and manage physical assets of the society

Rent storage space for assets as required

Manage any asset disposal

Call and conduct AGM and General meetings

Maintain and store all society paperwork at the official society address in compliance with the society registration

Establish guidelines to be followed in determining the payment of any gratuities, and the issuing of complimentary tickets

Ensure compliance with all society bylaws

Board members can take part in productions

Board positions of Assets Manager, Fund Raiser and Personnel Director can be combined or shared with other board positions.

Operating Policies

Board Positions:

----o Board Members (Directors) to be elected at the AGM
--------Positions within the board to be determined by the Directors
----o Directors should serve for two-year terms with positions staggered by one year to provide continuity of
----- operations from year to year
----o The founding year directorships of President, Secretary and Treasurer should be two-year terms
----o The Vice President may elect to not serve as the next president but this position should be staggered
------ with the presidency to provide continuity.


Membership Fees
----o Fees are due at the October AGM each year
----o Fees will be set by the Society Board as necessary
----o Annual Fees will be $10 for all ages starting with the 2009-10 fiscal year. Fees will be prorated
----- quarterly for partial year purchases.
----o All members shall receive a copy of the constitution and bylaws upon initial payment of the
----- membership fee. Alternatively this information will be available on the society website.

Costs associated with the operation of the society will be funded from performance profits and/or grants, donations and patronage programs

Surpluses that accumulate from year to year are to be used to cover deficit years, new production costs, and purchases of assets

The Society fiscal year shall run from Sept 1st to Aug 31st each year

Production fees and damage deposit fees to be set by the Society Board for each production. The production fee will include a one year membership in the society.

Ticket prices to be determined by the Society Board for each production

All claims for cost reimbursement for each production must be submitted to the Financial Manager no later than 30 days after each production or else reimbursement will not be required

Choice of Production:

The Drama Director along with the Production Manager will choose 2 plays to be reviewed, one being the first choice the second as a back up possibility.

Once that has been accomplished, they will then consult with the Music Director (and Dance Director should there be one) for their input on the selection and the possibility that such a production could be done by local talent.

Once the Music/Dance Directors have concurred with the choice(s), then the Set & Costume Managers will be consulted, again with the view of can the production be done from the stand point of their departments.

Upon completion of the above consultation process the Drama Director will meet with the Society and present the chosen production, addressing the suitability of the play and the endorsement of the above Directors/Managers along with a back up production if a suitable one has been found, for the Society's approval.

Confidentiality during the selection process of each production to be maintained by all concerned

Audition Process:

Participants auditioning for parts may perform something of their own choice. Only general information about the production will be given out before hand (no scripts or music)

All performers accepted will receive any necessary copies of script/music upon payment of the production fee plus a refundable damage deposit

Performers and other participants who have financial constraints may apply to the board (Personnel Director) for possible assistance with fees

Criminal Records Checks may be requested by the Society and submitted to the Personnel Director for anyone involved in a Production.

General Policies:

The society will comply with copyright laws, with direction from the Board for each production

All Director/Manager positions filled for each production will be required to operate within the guidelines of the applicable job description, which will be reviewed with each applicant

Sale of props, costumes etc. after a production will be at the discretion of the Society Board (Asset Manager)

AGM to be held in October to coincide with the start of the fiscal year and payment of membership fees will be due at that time

Job descriptions can be modified by the Society Board as necessary

Operating policies can be amended or added to by the Society Board as required.

Only members in good standing (current membership fee is paid) are allowed to vote

Liability insurance must be maintained at all times by the society

All board responsibilities will be considered part of the society's operating policies.

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